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Intro to Ricoh R

The Ricoh R is an upcoming 360 camera that is promising to make 360 live streaming easier than ever. This impressive device promises to output full-on HD, 360 videos at 30 frames per second, with real-time stitching within the camera. The real-time stitching will be achieved through Equirectangular Projection Format technology.

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera (Black)
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Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera (Black)
  • 360 Degree Spherical Panorama images and Spherical Videos up to 25 minutes
  • Live view function on mobile device
  • Transfer videos directly to your mobile device without the need of a computer
  • Full HD Video at 30fps , 360 Degree Spherical Video Supported by YouTube
  • Charge the battery by connecting it to a PC using the supplied USB cable

Specs of the Ugly Ricoh R

The built-in microphone complements the fisheye lens videos to create high quality 360 content as effortlessly as possible. Promising 2K resolution, this device’s ability for live-streaming fully spherical video is taking something that has been an exciting possibility for a while now and turning it into an effective reality.

2K is not quite enough to create fully photorealistic virtual reality content, but that is not to say that this device won’t be able to produce captivating and impressive 360 video content and stream it outward nearly instantly. Not only can it stream videos instantly, but it can stream them for 24 hours. In its offline mode, the Ricoh R will be able to record videos onto MicroSD cards, and it will be capable of uploading them to HDMI or USB.

The exact release date is not quite known, but the Ricoh R is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2017, and will take the momentum that the Ricoh brand has gained already through their release of several high quality, reasonably priced 360 cameras, and push their brand recognition to the next level. It is an easily transportable and compact size. The camera is also impressive aesthetically, complete with a slick exterior design.

The spring addition to the market will be packaged up in a kit which, along with the camera, will come with a camera stand, a software development kit that is downloadable, a source code, and a range of image-control tools. Ricoh is hoping that these tools will create momentum and incentive for other industries to begin to adopt their products in a more extensive way. The industries that they are hoping to influence including scientific research, gaming, video entertainment, and education. Beta testers have started experimenting with the Ricoh R in all sorts of contexts, including remote education and live performances.

The Ricoh R is absolutely slated to hold the title of being the most compact and cutting edge 360-camera to stream live video for a decent amount of time. The Ricoh Theta has been acclaimed for being an amazing, user-friendly device that is somewhat lacking in image quality. This Ricoh camera is promising to take a big step forward in the areas that it has delivered in over the past few years, as well as shoring up some of the weaknesses or shortcomings of previous models.

Features and Value vs Odd Design?

The anticipated release is generating a lot of buzz, and for good reason. This new camera is going to shake the 360-camera market, while making a seriously impactful contribution to the market. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, and neither can a whole lot of 360-video fans and professionals; the excitement for this recently announced product is palpable. A prototype of the product recently debuted as CES.

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