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Merge VR is a set of entry-level Virtual Reality (VR) goggles that are available for a reasonable price. I’ve got to say, I find them to be pretty impressive.

Merge VR - Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android
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Merge VR - Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android
  • Featured in Consumer Reports as an Expert Pick, Winner of the Academic's Choice Award, and Taste Awards 2017 Honoree
  • Parent Tested, Parent Approved award winner and named by CNN as Best VR Headset for Big Kids and Tweens
  • Tested and approved for ages 10 plus.Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Merge VR Goggles unlock immersive virtual reality experiences, powered by your smartphone.
  • The Merge VR Goggles turn your iOS or Android smartphone into an immersive virtual reality headset
  • Amazingly comfortable and made of soft, lightweight foam that fits any face perfectly

Glorified Google Cardboard?

Merge VR is a low maintenance that is supported by iOS and Android. It is less low maintenance, and more expensive that Google Cardboard, but it is roughly equivalent in value. So, if you’re looking to spend a little more substantially for a few extra features, Merge VR is a solid choice. Functionally, it works a lot like Google Cardboard, but it is slightly glorified. There are two input buttons instead of one, the lenses are adjustable, and the strap is super sturdy and well designed.

Big, Bulky, and Purple

Subjectively, I was a bit turned off by the design. Merge VR is big, bulky, and purple. Personally, that isn’t my ideal aesthetic, but I was able to get beyond that. Despite the bulky experience, this is actually an extremely lightweight headset, and does not feel burdensome at all when worn on the head. It is built to be a high-quality headset; it’s not luxurious, but it’s certainly sturdy.  I’ve definitely had more comfortable things on my head, but I’ve worn less comfortable gear, too.

If you’re ready to take the next step in the VR experience, this is a good (not great, but good) choice. If you’re an iOS user, your options are a little more limited, and it will be hard to find a better deal than this. As it is not directly related to a manufacturer of VR games and experiences, Merge VR will have less control over its destiny, and there will most likely be less games made specifically for the headset. VR users have a wealth of options, but I’d still consider going with this giant purple people pleaser.

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