Kodak Orbit360 4K Camera Review


Introduction to Kodak Orbit360 4k

Recently, at CES 2017, a whole bunch of interesting new technologies regarding 360 cameras were premiered and announced. It is very possible that the Kodak 360 4K was the most exciting out of all of them.

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam with Explorer Accessory Pack
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Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam with Explorer Accessory Pack
  • Advanced MOS sensor with 16 million image pixels gives you more speed, quality and clarity than a traditional CCD or CMOS sensor with multiple Viewing Modes: Ring, Dome, Front Degree/Rear 180 Degree, 360 Degree Panorama, Globe.
  • Capture all the high speed action with 1080p full-HD video or full-res images in 10fps with a push of a button. Switch the movie setting to time-lapse or loop recording for cool and fun detail.
  • 2m Shockproof / -10 Degree Freeze proof / Dustproof / Splash Resistant.
  • With Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, set the SP360 where you want it and take your phone with you to call the shots anytime with the PIXPRO Remote Viewer App on your iOS/Android device. Available at the App Store/Google Play.
  • Including Explorer Accessory Pack: (1) Standard Housing, (1) Bar Mount, (1) Vented Helmet Strap for Top Facing, (1) Vented Helmet Strap for Front Facing, (1) Flat Adhesive Mount, (1) Curved Adhesive Mount, (2) Extended Arms, (1) Quick Clip

Instead of specializing in one category that these devices typically serve, this Kodak camera seems to make an exceptional stab at grading highly in every aspect of judging a 360 camera.

By adding a second lens, Kodak has taken a good look at their previous cameras weakest spot and made a substantial step forward. Considering Kodak’s previous model only supported 360-video in a vertical half-dome, the progress made by adding a second lens is absolutely significant, and certainly provides an upgrade to Kodak’s previous suggestion of creating fully immersive 360 video content by purchasing two cameras and bolting them together.

Stitching was also an issue that has been improved upon in this model– since the gap between the lenses is much smaller, there is less chance of serious stitching errors in the 360 4K. Stitching can only be done automatically up to 15 fps; otherwise, it will have to be done on a desktop.

The resolution is better than most of its competitors in the entry level-intermediate 360-camera game, as the Orbit360 features dual 20-megapixel sensors, each built with an ultra-wide angle lens. Like previous Kodak models, the resolution is not compromised by light sensitivity, either. The result is extremely high quality, fully spherical 4K video (3840 x 1920 resolution).

The content you decide to publish will be easily compatible with most popular platforms, such as Youtube and Facebook. Also, the phone support is strong with the SmartDevice APP, working with iOS and Android smartphones.

The camera also features a microphone input, HDMI output, ability to transfer content with WiFi or Bluetooth, or to store content offline on a MicroSD card. An optional Bluetooth remote control can be purchased, which can be attached to selfie sticks or to a steady-cam.

The camera also captures video in a standard wide angle shot, so you don’t always have to be capturing in full 360. Water-resistant and dust-resistant, this is a sturdy camera that is safe to take out into the great outdoors.

The exact release date of the product is not known, but Kodak has said that it will absolutely be a first quarter release, and that it will arrive on shelves in “January 2017”, so it could be available for purchase any day now… If you’re so inclined, you can sign up to be emailed when it comes available (if it hasn’t by the time you’ve read this)!

Lingering Thoughts on the Kodak Orbit360

The price is a little steep, as it will cost the consumer $499, but considering the quality of the camera, the price of competitive products, the innovation represented in the technology, and the quality associated with Kodak’s brand, it is fair to suggest that this 360 device will manage to provide a whole lot of bang for its buck.

What’s not to love about this camera? Hmmm. We’ll let you know when (if) we find out.

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