Insta360 Nano Review

Insta360 Nano Introduction

The Insta360 is instantly recognizable due to its incredibly unique design. If you own an iPhone, this could be the most cost-efficient and user-friendly option for you to make a bold step into taking videos and photos with a fully spherical 360 degree camera. This piece of technology is designed specifically to relate to your iPhone and to collaborate with iOS software.

Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Dual 3K lens VR Video Camera Real Time Seamless Stitching for iPhone/Silver/6S/6SP/6/6P - Silver
  • Compatible with iPhone 7, 7 plus, and iPhone 6/6S, 6 plus/6S plus, or used alone
  • 3040x1520 resolution @ 30fps
  • Dual 210 Degree Fisheye Lenses, Portable size
  • Real-time 360 video/photo sharing on Facebook/WeChat, Live streaming
  • Free app, 360 player/studio/plugin, VR cardboard box

Insta360 Nano: Affordability vs Quality?

The price is very affordable, but this does come at the expense of certain measures of quality. The photo resolution is not especially impressive; the resolution is only 8 mp. The video quality is quite good, at 3040 x 1520 @ 30 fps, but that does not compare favorably to many more elaborate devices on the market. There is no internal memory, and you will have to purchase a memory card separately, as a micro SD card is not included in the purchase of the camera.


Still, the inexpensiveness, portability, and instant compatibility with the iPhone are major positives working in support of this VR camera. It is easy to plug the camera into another smartphone or a computer of another kind, too. Not to mention, the instant, the ability to stream live and wirelessly to Facebook and Youtube is a fine function, and other such online capabilities absolutely manage to add some premium features to this affordable camera. The battery life is what you should be expecting from 800mAh battery, which is an impressive 70 minutes of continuous video recording. Be aware though, as the camera does have its own battery, so its life will not be in direct relationship to the battery life of your iPhone.

Insta360 Verdict

To judge this device to others based on portability is almost unfair, but, needless to say, it compares very favorably. Attaching to the iPhone with perfect harmony, the size is only 0.8 x 1.3 x 4.3 inches, and the whole device will only add 75 grams to your iPhone, while opening an entire world of visual content and memory capturing capabilities. Within the camera is a small jack for you to attach a microphone so that your video content can have high quality audio to go along with it.

If you are an iPhone user, this is perfect way to take a big, easy step into the bold new movement of 360 degree photos and videos, and this inexpensive device will surely prove to be a well-made, high-functioning, and fully capable virtual reality creator.

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