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First Impressions of the Google Daydream

Google Cardboard did a pretty amazing thing… Literally made from Cardboard, it remained at an extremely low price, and continued to outperform competition that was sometimes priced at as much as 10x its price. With that in mind, I was extremely excited to hear that they were developing a more sophisticated VR headset.

Google Daydream View - VR Headset (Slate)
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Google Daydream View - VR Headset (Slate)
  • Don't just see the world, experience it. With daydream view, you can teleport from virtually anywhere to Pretty much everywhere.
  • Browse from an ever-growing Collection of apps and games in the daydream app - a home for all of your virtual reality experiences.
  • You can always get the best seat in the house with daydream view. Experience concerts, sports and more in full 360 degree panoramic view.
  • The daydream view controller transforms with your imagination. Go from the sidelines to the center of action. Feel the adrenaline Rush as you speed down the racetrack.
  • Daydream View's lightweight, durable headset is made from soft, breathable fabric to help you stay comfortable longer.

Does Daydream deliver on the hype? I think so. Without question, it is one of the two best VR headsets on the market. Choosing between the Samsung Gear VR and the Daydream is basically a matter of preference, in my opinion.

One of the reasons that I am a supporter of the Daydream is the controller, which comes with the headset, and is a major innovation in comparison to the Gear’s touchpad on the side of the helmet. I like holding the controller in my hand, too. The controller opens the possibilities to experience some very interesting things, like in the Harry Potter app, which allows the player to move a magic wand and cast spells. I’m a fan.

Like the Cardboard, Google is liberal in allowing other companies to produce their versions of Daydream headsets, which Huawei is already doing. Google has already laid down the gauntlet in setting a standard for phone specs which must be met for a smartphone to be considered ‘daydream ready’, right now this is the list:

Google Pixel

Moto Z
Huawei Mate 9 Pro + Porsche Design Mate 9
ZTE Axon 7

In my opinion, if you own a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, a daydream is simply a MUST buy… The compatibility promises to remain second to none, and the Daydream offers an incredible virtual reality experience in every sense of the term. The list is short, but it is expected that a majority of upcoming Android releases will match these specs and make themselves Daydream-ready.

Right now, the list of Daydream apps is short, but the amount of content that is about to be released is pretty massive. Before, Google Play restricted third party daydream apps, but now that has been lifted– as long as the app meets the quality standards of Daydream.

What else is there to say?

It’s a well-built, high-quality, top-notch device in every way I can imagine. It’s comfortable to wear, and it looks fantastic and impressive. The design is slick and it comes in a range of colors… In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty bullish on this device. If your device is compatible, buy this headset. If your device isn’t compatible… think about upgrading.

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