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Google Cardboard: Born From the Spirit of Creative Invention

Google Cardboard is a dynamic product, and it’s no secret that Google is a dynamic organization. What is slightly surprising, though, is the depth in which this innovative spirit is embedded within the company. For some time, the “20 percent project” was an initiative that allowed Google employees to spend 20% of their time at work developing a side project that was separate from their standard duties. It is no longer in existence, but Google Cardboard is a direct sign of the sort of success that this initiative brought to the company…

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So, let’s take a critical look at Google Cardboard; a fine, entry-level Virtual Reality (VR) headset

In regards to value, this product is a homerun. This is a very inexpensive product, and it certainly feels that way. But, within the cheapness of Google Cardboard is an amazing amount of value. This is a low maintenance, low-cost investment that comes jam-packed with a whole bunch of potential for enjoyment. As far as VR headsets go, it is not “advanced”, but it provides a great entry-level experience.


Google Cardboard works with iOS and Android, which adds to the simple versatility that makes it such an interesting product. While Android users have all sorts of options for VR, ranging up and down the price scale, Google Cardboard is all that’s available for iOS users right now, and the Apple store has already started churning out all sorts of VR app.

Google Play has a lot of VR apps, as well, but a lot of the Android-compatible headsets are a lot more sophisticated than the modest Google Cardboard. Still, within the price range, Google Cardboard beats out the competition. The title “Google Cardboard” is slightly misleading, as you may have determined by the iOS support. A lot of different companies are producing these lo-fi cardboard headsets, including some grassroots, independent organizations.

There are even Cardboard headsets that are being 3D printed!

One knock on the VR experience I have heard a lot is that the lack of strap means that you have to hold it to your head, which is obviously not optimal for gaming. Some come with a strap included, though, so keep your eyes open for these ones.

Again, the build quality won’t blow you away, and the product design is not exceptional, but it is hard to be too critical considering the fact that significant improvements in these areas would probably lead to much higher prices. For example, the input consists of just one single button, which is located on the side of the cardboard.

My Verdict?

If you are an Android-owning VR enthusiast, I would recommend investing a little more for something more advanced. However, if you’re just looking for your initial experience with VR and are looking for an effective product at a cheap price, look no further than Google Cardboard!

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