Details on Beacon Identifier of iBeacon and Eddystone


Details on Beacon Identifier of iBeacon and Eddystone

iBeacon and Eddystone both need  Bluetooth LE on the tablet or Smartphone. For iOS devices, it includes iPhone 4s, iPad (3rd gen), iPad Mini (1st gen), and iPod Touch (5th gen) and iOS 7.0 or later.

For Android devices, there is a need to have Bluetooth LE and to run Android 4.3 or later.  Generally, the Android phones that are built since January 2014 fulfill this requirement. Windows Phones also have Bluetooth LE and the Lumia Cyan update runs this feature. Mac and Windows computers with Bluetooth 4.0 featuring BLE are capable to use beacons.

iBeacon is not an open source standard. Apple built it for iOS 7.0, into the SDK. It is commonly used for beacons by developers with iOS devices. Apple’s iBeacon is the service mark and works as a trademark, but this logo and word does not promote using the same iBeacon on other platforms. Nevertheless, iBeacon can be used with Bluetooth LE in any device including Windows and Android phone, though there are no libraries and official APIs for these platforms.

Google’s Eddystone, is an open source standard and has created API libraries for both, iOS and Android. Android devices featuring Android 4.3 in association with Google Play Services and Bluetooth LE supports Eddystone. iOS 7.0+ devices featuring BLE can make use of the Google Nearby API and use Eddystone with apps .

Beacon Identifier

The key aim of a beacon is to broadcast an identifier for an operating system or an app to use in determining the nearby proximity or the location.

iBeacon uses a identifier of 20-byte consisting of a (universally unique identifier)UUID, a Major and integer (0-255) in both.

Eddystone uses an identifier of 16-byte consisting of a Namespace ID of 10-byte and an Instance string of 6-byte.   Differentiating between individual beacons means the difference is that the iBeacon employs two integers; While Eddystone employs only an instance string. iBeacon requires a record as the Front Desk corresponding with Major and minor integer at 45 and 72 respectively to beacon. With standard Eddystone, you may use the instance string, once your Eddystone device permits customizing the value.

As Eddystone uses a distinct identifier, the older hardware beacons developed for iBeacon are not compatible. However, more and more manufacturers of beacon are supporting in the same device both standards.

Since Google had enough time to observe the beacon ecosystem, they built interesting additional fields into the Eddystone standard.
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