Best Animated 360 Degree Videos of 2017


Best Animated 360 Degree Videos of 2017

As of 2017, 360-degree videos are emerging as a new powerful way to tell stories. With big platforms as YouTube, Facebook and WordPress supporting virtual reality videos, people can find and experience them easily. With growth of 360 cameras and game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine, creating this kind of videos is getting simpler every day.

360 animated movies are mostly done in 3d animation software or game engines. Videos listed here are some of the best animated 360 videos currently and all of them are accessible in a browser, smartphone or with a VR headset.


This 5 minute long video from Google’s Spotlight Stories is maybe the best of it’s kind. Innovative way to tell a story about coming of age. More by Spotlight Stories can be found here.


Baobab Studios led by Eric Darnell, a director of Madagascar trilogy, is one of the best creators of high quality 360 videos. Beautiful scenery, sound design and great animations really takes it to another level. Highly recommended to watch this one with a VR headset.

Clash Of Clans

Supercell experimented with a 360 video as a commercial of their mega popular mobile game Clash Of Clans. Experience a raid first handed with this short video. Pretty interesting for anyone, especially players of Clash Of Clans.

Ghost In The Shell

This three minute long video is one of the most amazing 360 cinematic experiences right now. Enter the cyberpunk world of Ghost In The Shell, upcoming film to be released in March.

The Room

Definitely not for the faint hearted, this eerie video is a great example of how an immersive 360 experience can intensify the horror.


The Guardians first 360 experience shows how a solitary confinement causes psychological damage. Neat idea combined with an interesting use of VR technology. I would recommend this one to be seen with a VR headset too.

Hope you like the selection and if you know some other interesting animated 360 videos, please share them in comments.

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Best Animated 360 Degree Videos of 2017
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