360fly vs 360fly 4K Camera Review


360fly vs 360fly 4K Introduction

The 360fly was one of the first devices to bring the marvels of virtual reality photography and video capturing into the hands of everyday people. The results have been huge, and without the contribution of this specific product, you can rest assured that the amount of awesome, amateur 360 degree content would be significantly less than it has managed to be.

Now, the 360fly has a complementary product, the ultra-HD 360fly 4K, which powerfully boosts the resolution capabilities, and makes a few other slight alterations to the base product which has proven to be a major competitor to the GoPro, and a generally innovative and awesome 360 camera.

360fly 360° HD Video Camera
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Is 360fly not a true 360 camera?

Neither of these cameras takes a completely 360-degree shot… The vertical capability is technically closer to about 240 degrees. This means that the 360fly is still a fantastic camera for panoramic photography and videography, but it is lacking the dimensions (literally) of some of its major competitors– even though it is a major improvement over a device like the GoPro in this regard. If you are into the outdoors, this is a great option for you, as the device is also fully waterproof.

360fly specs

Both models come with internal memory, though the amount is quite vastly different; the 360fly boasts an admirable 16 GB of memory, but it is still quite easily trumped by the 360fly 4K, which doubles that number and features 32 GB. Unfortunately, there is no expandable memory, and if you do manage to use up the mass amounts of memory on either of these devices, you will have to pause, transfer material to one of your devices via WiFi, and then continue with your previously scheduled events.  The sensors allow the 4K to shoot at 2880 x 2880 megapixels, whereas the standard 360fly’s resolution is just over half as impressive, as it maxes out at 1504 x 1504 megapixels.


The 4K also features a unique mode that functions a lot like a traditional action cam, which is called the “first person POV” mode. This minimizes the effect of the fisheye, and shoots at 2560×1440; this feature is certainly useful, but the resolution does not quite compare to any reasonable action camera on the market today, so this is simply a fine, unique “extra” feature for a 360 camera, rather than a reason to purchase the 360fly 4K instead of something like a GoPro.

Is 360fly worth the money?

If you’re committed to the idea of shooting 360, but don’t actually require the full 360, and looking for a more in depth and inventive sort of shot than your standard action camera, either of these could be a great camera for you. Neither is especially cheap, so, if you are considering investing in a 360fly, I think it is worth spending that slight amount more and adding the features and extra resolution to your repertoire. Check out my full list of cameras here.

360fly 360° HD Video Camera
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360fly vs 360fly 4K Camera
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